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Friday, September 3, 2010

Good Morning

After arriving home at 10pm, I decided the blog could wait till morning.  My quilt guild meeting was a long one last night, lots of discussion about the upcoming October quilt show and the author of a book about Montana historical quilts spoke. 

Rollie and Gina came up yesterday and Rollie worked his magic helping Michael fix the refrigerator door we broke on Sunday while traveling to Billings.  We forgot to lock the door of the refrigerator and as we turned a big curve on the Boulder road the door swung open and fell off!!!  YIKES!!!  What a mess, a beer bottle broke all over the place, we smelled a little boozy going down the road but now we have a fixed door.  They also worked on our awning that had a mind of its own—it would come out then immediately retract.

Gina worked on etching some wine glasses and the glasses turned out very nicely.  She put initials on some and wildlife on others. 

And me, I was on the phone with the motorhome dealership half the day—we still have no title and as a result, we won’t be leaving today with Gina and Rollie to head to JB and Brenda’s.  We are very, very sad and disappointed along with angry.  At this rate we may have to go to Post Falls, ID and retrieve the title!

Mom and Chuck came over yesterday too, they both got haircuts in Big Timber.  I fixed baby back ribs on the grill for lunch and Nat came up, too.  Corn on the cob and roasted potatoes made for a great meal.

Today I want to fuss at the motorhome dealership some more and hopefully quilt—I need some time in that quilt studio. 

Squash My poor garden, our mornings have been so cool, the tomatoes will never get ripe but I did get this squash yesterday, we combined it with some yellow squash from the farmer’s market and fried it—yes, I actually fried something and oh, boy was it good!Snow on the Mountains2 Fresh snow on the mountains yesterday morning.Snow on the Mountains


  1. Tell those guys at the motorhome place that this has become an international incident. We were looking forward to your visit. There will be another time I am sure and we frequent the same country in the winter so we will be sure to cross trails with you in Arizona.

  2. You know if you get that title business resolved there is nothing stopping you from following that big old Volvo north. It will leave a pretty plain trail and you won't have to watch the back of that 5er all the way here.


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