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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Definitely A Fall Day

Rain and rain along with much cooler temperatures—have had a fire in the fireplace all day and another fire in the wood stove downstairs.  We can see fresh snow on the foothills all around us. 

Michael had a better night and we both got some much needed sleep.  His severe pain is improved but he still hurts and the swelling in both his wrists will just not go away.  We are pondering our next step.  He spent the day dozing and doing sudoku puzzles.  This disease process is starting to wear on both our attitudes as you can imagine.

I spent the day quilting and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  This little quilt called a Lazy Crazy Quilt belongs to Marti and it is quilting up beautifully. 

Late this afternoon Annette and Ed came up to introduce themselves.  They are Arizona friends of our friends Jim and Linda who live in Tombstone.  Last summer and this summer they have rented the cabin belonging to our friends George and Shirley.  We enjoyed coffee, homemade cookies and getting to know them a little. 

Michael and Emmi are out for a short walk, he just needed to get out of the house for a while.  Emmi got a bath and semi haircut today. 

Here is another shot of those beautiful fall leaves and berries taken in the morning light instead of afternoon light:Berries and Leaves And here is a photo Laurie graciously allowed me to use that was taken while we were enjoying lunch with she and Odel on Friday.Laurie and Odel with us


  1. We're so glad to hear that Michael is doing a little better. What a worrisome condition!

    Thanks again for lunch and the entertainment! :)

  2. Janna, Just a suggestion, have Mike checked for hypothyroidism. My arms and shoulders ached so bad I couldn't stand it and finally a doctor checked my thyroid. I started taking a thyroid pill once a day and the pain started going away. It took about a month to get back to normal but now I'm fine.

  3. I hope that one day I will read that Michael is feeling a lot better. It is so disheartening not knowing what the problem really is.

  4. Glad to hear Michael is a bit better today. Maybe tomorrow will be even better.
    I'd love for you to post a photo of the Lazy Crazy Quilt when it's done. I've done a little quilting, and have a Crazy Quilt book - haven't done any yet, though. Just love the idea of Crazy Quilts. Someday I will make one.

  5. Hope Mike feels better soon! How awful to be laid up with such pains, especially when he is such an active go go go hands-on guy.

    LOVED the pic of your berries and leaves. It feels so *Autumn-ish*

    Karen and Steve
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