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Monday, September 27, 2010

Running Around In Circles

We’ve decided it is time to get the tires on the motorhome rolling for a little trip—we are tired of seeing the rig just sitting out there so off we go tomorrow morning.  And, we have to get out of here very early—there is a platinum mine several miles up the road from us and as part of their “good neighbor agreement” dust suppression is applied to our gravel road several times a year.  The solution makes the road a sticky, icky mess for a day or so and tomorrow is the day the mine chose—so we are getting out of here early!

Mom and Chuck finished their jobs in Yellowstone Park today and came through Livingston about 3pm—we drove over to give them goodbye hugs—they are heading to Seattle to see Chuck’s daughter and grandson.

Then it was over the pass to Bozeman to look at a used Toyota RAV4—would have made a great tow vehicle—manual transmission but it was way too used for us.  Back over the pass and home to begin loading the motorhome.  The UPS man delivered our replacement blue flame heater while we were gone, YEA!!

Here it is 9pm, the motorhome is loaded and the blue flame heater works, YEA!  And we are beat—it will be great to get away for a few days—we have to be back by Friday afternoon, Lonn and LoraLee are hosting a September birthday party and a party for our USAF granddaughter Laci before she heads to Italy for two years. 

Big Boy What do you think about this big guy, Ross?

I know she can't see me


  1. Have fun on your "short" trip. We'll be leaving Sunday with Rollie & Gina heading south. Maybe we'll get to meet you guys in the desert this Winter.
    We're sending lots of prayers for safe travel for your Granddaughter Laci.
    Hugs to both of you...........Pat

  2. When we first set out looking for a tow vehicle 3 & a half years ago we had a Honda CRV in mind as well as a Rav 4. Both those vehicles really hold their price well & we just couldn't find anything in our price range. We totally love our 5 speed Hyundai Santa Fe & our only regret in buying it now is that we didn't get one with 4 wheel drive. The Santa Fe is rugged, well built, & a great tow car. I only hope our Wrangler will serve us as well as the Santa Fe did.

  3. So glad Michael is on the mend and you guys can take off for a few days....Have a safe trip and we'll see you south somewhere this winter....Hugs


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