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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

They Are Back

Each day, little by little Michael is getting better.  He has very little chronic pain and only has pain if he requires too much of his wrist or arms.  We are so incredibly thankful that he is better and healing. 

I spent the day cleaning and sewing.  We picked a few more chokecherries and I used my new Nurta-Steamer to extract the juice—made the house smell so good.

Those Thurstons—they were supposed to be here by noon—the phone rang at 11:37am and I answered, “so, you haven’t left Great Falls?”  They were camped on base at Malmstrom Air Force Base and sure enough hadn’t left in spite of the fact they told us they would be here in McLeod by noon and enough though Rollie might drive that big rig fast they weren’t getting 200 miles in 23 minutes!  Rollie was enjoying talking to all the other retired military folks and it was just OK that they weren’t in a hurry!

But, we sure were glad to see them when they rolled up our road about 4:30pm.  We parked them in the driveway of our former house just down our driveway.  After setting up they rode the four wheeler up here and Gina broke the rules, even though it was a travel day for them she brought dinner—Louisiana gumbo and the makings for cornbread. 

Michael and I are so incredibly glad Gina and Rollie stopped back in to see us—they are the most enjoyable people to be around and Rollie is an excellent “hand/helper” to have around, too.  Let Me In We have a bridge over the creek that just goes to the other side of the creek, I call it the “bridge to nowhere.”  I glanced outside today and this doe seemed to be saying, “let me in.” 

red berries We have several of these bushes with vivid red berries—anybody know what they are??


  1. That gumbo is great, but I guess you know that by now. Glad to hear that Michaels discomfort is diminishing daily.

  2. HAHAHAHA the picture of the doe is histerical. I'm happy to hear that Michael is slowly getting better. I've benn following his progress.

    Enjoy your visit with Rollie and Gina.


  3. Love the picture of the doe!

    Is that bush some kind of Holly?

  4. I just thought about those Chokeberries. Keep picking and juicing them...they are supposed to be very high in nutrients and very very good for youl I would give them to Michael until he's turning the color of the berry!

  5. Happy to hear Michaels wrists are on the mend. When he is back in shape tell him to stay away from the 'chin-up' bar in the barn:))

  6. Your deer photo is a hoot!

    So glad Micheal is on the mend, and you are having company that can help out a bit and make you feel good about them being there.

    Karen and Steve
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