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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lots Done

Michael and I got a late start this morning, it was even warm when we took our walk.  Gina and Rollie came up later in the morning and he and Michael got started on some motorhome projects—installing our new blue flame heater and the flat screen TV. 

Gina helped me complete a project I started—using those chokecherries Michael and I picked.  I got 11 half pints of chokecherry jam and 4 pints of chokecherry syrup, YUM—think we are having pancakes for breakfast in the morning.Chokecherry Jam & Syrup

Late afternoon we all headed into town—I mailed a quilt and the guys picked up supplies they needed to complete projects.  Then we all headed over to Lonn and LoraLee’s.  Lonn had agreed to take Gina and Rollie up to see and hear the elk—Michael, Lonn, Gina and Rollie piled into our truck and off they went—I think Gina and Rollie were impressed by Lonn’s elk herd!  LoraLee and I stayed behind and grilled some burgers. 

For dessert we had a fresh peach tart that I had a little difficulty making—the directions were written in some foreign language—“use 6 3/4 ounces of flour”—now who ever heard of measuring flour in ounces?? (I missed the part in parentheses where it said “or 1 1/2 cups of flour!”)  Couldn’t figure out why the mixture wouldn’t mix until I re-read the recipe—in the garbage all that went and I started over with just 1 1/2 cups of flour instead of 6 3/4 cups of flour—it might have helped if I hadn’t been talking to Gina, too! 

As I write this the door to the deck is open and I can hear the elk bugle in our neighbor’s hayfield above us,  the elk bugle and Emmi growls and snorts. 

We know today was a difficult day for Rollie and Gina and our hearts hurt for them—our hope is that we made the day just a little bit easier if that is possible. 


  1. One of my favorite memories of visting y'all is getting to see Lonn's Elk herd. It was a treat! Think we're about due for another visit. Glad to hear Michael is feeling better. Miss y'all and take care. ~Kerri~

  2. We know Gina and Rollie had a rough day yesterday but being with friends like you and Michael had to make it easier for them. Give them a big hug for us. I am so glad Michael is feeling better. God is GOOD!!
    Hugs..............Pat and Mike

  3. I have always wanted to hear the elk bugle...maybe some day. I am glad Mike is feeling better.
    Mary Ellen

  4. Glad Mike is up and about and doing motorhome projects. Then you KNOW he is feeling better, right? LOL on the recipe goof, never saw a recipe with oz. instead of cups. Crazy...

    Have fun and good to be there to support friends as much as they are there to support you guys...

    Karen and Steve
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