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Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Little Bit Better Every Day

I think the good Lord was watching over us—Michael came very close to being very, very sick and he is still not out of the woods yet.  An infection that has migrated to your blood stream isn’t something to mess around with and we are so thankful we may finally be on the right path.  Michael felt a tiny bit better yesterday and a tiny bit better today.  He has taken no narcotic pain pills today which is a first in about 2 weeks.  So, he is feeling better and so am I!!! 

We ventured out yesterday afternoon to do something fun, a first in almost a month—our doctor friend Arch who has been such a help to us through this illness turned 80 yesterday.  Arch doesn’t look eighty and is still so sharp mentally.  His wife Gwen planned a huge surprise party—all his children and grandchildren were there as well as many medical colleagues and friends from Virginia where Arch lived before retiring to Montana.  Gwen sells real estate and one of her clients offered Gwen the use of his ranch for the party—Gwen sold him the ranch.  It was a breathtaking spot for a party along the Yellowstone River in what is called the Paradise Valley between Livingston and Yellowstone Park.  Archs BD We only stayed a couple of hours as Michael began to tire—headed to Nat’s and retrieved Emmi then dodged deer all the way home.

Today Michael has gotten out and walked a couple of times, we picked chokecherries this morning and he has spent the rest of the day resting—it will take a while to get his strength back!  Our dear friends Robyn and Claire showed up about lunch time with a present that brought tears to both our eyes—a load of firewood!!!  Wood We are so blessed with the friendships we have formed in this valley! 

We were surprised when we got home last night and were walking from garage to house—we heard an elk bugle!! 


  1. SOOOOOO glad Michael is on the road to recovery!!

  2. Cool beans about the elk bugle! Glad to hear of Michael's improvement. :)

  3. WOW Janna, that brings tears to my eyes as well. Our Father truly does look out for His children and He knows when we have a need in our lives. We have been praying for Micheal and for God's healing. Glad to hear that Micheal is having some relief. Rollie and I will continue to pray and we'll never get tired of hearing how "Our Dear Friends" are doing. Truly love y'all, Gina & Rollie

  4. We are so happy to hear Michael is on the road to recovery. God is GOOD!! Just take it a day at a time and I know Michael will be back to his old self soon. Good friends are a true blessing from God.
    Love and Hugs......Pat and Mike

  5. How wonderful of your friends to do that! Glad Mike is doing a little better each day. Slow and Steady Wins the Race!

    Karen and Steve
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