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Monday, September 6, 2010

September Snow

We were expecting white stuff this morning but the snow only fell on the mountains around usSept snow Sept snow2 Michael and I appreciate all the caring comments and wishes for good health we have had.  Today has not been a good day—we called our doctor friend and got some advice which we are following this afternoon—we will see what happens. 

Our fields are so saturated with irrigating water that water is coming up in places it shouldn’t such as the driveway.  So, I walked up to the head of our irrigating ditch to see why we still had water in the ditch—the head gate had fallen down—I raised it and wedged it open so the water would flow down the creek.  The whole time I was walking over I sang to the bears just to let them know I was in the area!

This afternoon I have quilted and am one row from being finished with this little quilt.  A reader asked about this “crazy quilt”—it really isn’t a typical “crazy quilt”—it is a Thimbleberry pattern that uses several flowered panels giving the illusion of appliqué. 

I sure hope my sweet husband is better tomorrow!


  1. We're all rootin fer ya Mike....Speedy recovery on getting those wrists healed up. Might need you this winter down at the Arizona ranch to help us milk the chickens.......

  2. Hope Mike's feeling better real soon. Nothing worse than having a mystery ailment. I hear the term "crazy quilt" around our house all the time!

  3. We're sending you lots of positive thoughts & good wishes for a speedy recovery for Mike. Hugs, JoAnn & Doug

  4. Definitely hoping you can get things under control for Mike...first it was your hands, now his. Dang, are you two allergic to something in Montana? Hugs to you BOTH!!!

  5. I read your blog almost daily. Sure hope Mike will be getting better soon. My thoughts and prayers will be with him. Enjoy all your pictures. Mary from Malvern, Arkansas

  6. We're also sending Michael and you both lots of healing, positive thoughts and prayers. Sure hope Michael is feeling better every day.


  7. We're sending lots of prayers your way for Michael and you. I know how hard it is to watch someone I love suffer with any kind of pain and it's especially hard when you don't know what to do about it. Hope Mike gets better REAL SOON!! Hugs...........Pat & Mike

  8. We hope that Mike gets to feeling a lot better soon, we send our prayers for a fast recovery. Sam & Donna.


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