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Monday, September 20, 2010

It’s Monday

Michael woke this morning saying he had slept better than he had in several weeks and felt better.  YEA!!!  We took a nice long walk and even went up and fixed some broken fence which got us in trouble with Gina!!!  How dare we try to fix fence without them???  What were we thinking???  But, they had great news about their morning and I will leave the photos and their blog in the morning to tell the story!

We had a lunch of leftovers from the refrigerator and then I’m not sure where the rest of the day went!!  Gina and I did pull all the tomatoes out of the garden and hang them in the dark in the basement--New garden Michael says the tomatoes will ripen in a cool dark place—so here is my new garden.

Gina and Rollie spent some time in their own home this afternoon and we had visitors—Sarge, a high school buddy of Michael’s and his friend Sarah. 

After Sarge and Sarah left Gina and Rollie came back up and Rollie and Mike removed the ice maker from the refrigerator in the motorhome—the thing took up so much space in the freezer and we rarely use ice—it we do, I can use an ice cube tray!

We spent the rest of the afternoon chatting then the Louisiana folks started cooking.  We had a traditional shrimp/corn on the cob/potato boil!!!  The food was so good and HOT!!! as in spicy hot, YUM!  We are sitting here like two fat pigs in the sunshine, happy as can be!  See, my southern roots are coming out spending so much time with these Louisiana folks!

The recently made quilt which I have talked about has been presented!!  My sweet niece and her husband Eric have been out to see us many times and have brought another couple with them, Kerri and Bradley.  The two couples have daughters, Harley and Elizabeth which are close in age.  Kerri and Bradley are expecting their second daughter in early October and Niki wanted me to make them a quilt—the baby quilt that my Grandmother and Niki’s Great Grandmother made countless times.  I inherited the pattern and this is my third one.  Niki gave it to Kerri tonight in Arkansas and Kerri loved it--Kerris Baby Quilt Kerris Baby Quilt2 The photos don’t do justice to the colors—it turned out so nicely!

Plans for tomorrow are up in the air—Gina and Rollie are making noises about leaving us—we knew it had to happen soon but are sad to see them go!


  1. The quilt is absolutely beautiful!


  2. The picture does show the beautiful stitching!! It was fabulous. Have I said Thank you yet??!!

  3. Oh Janna, the quilt is absolutely precious! It goes perfect with the nursery. I'm so proud of this awesome gift. You and your sweet niece did a great job working together to make this for our baby. Words can't express the appreciation I have for this gift.
    Thank you so much! Sending our Love, Bradley, Kerri, & Harley

  4. Never heard of pulling the whole plant and hanging it upside down. Interesting. :)

  5. Love this post - So glad Michael is feeling better! I've never heard of the tomato ripening tip, either - good to know. And I love the quilt! You do beautiful work--I like seeing photos of them. :)

  6. What a GREAT quilt! Glad you guys are out and about and Mike is doing better...

    Karen and Steve
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