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Friday, September 24, 2010

I’m A Quilting!

OK, my dear husband is better—he had a great day today!  Lonn needed someone to run our mini-excavator to dig holes for shrub planting and off Michael went (against his wife’s advice) but he had no problems.  Came home, had lunch and then he pushed his old 1995 truck down the hill with me driving and put the truck in the garage so he could work on it again.  Tonight Michael says he is a little sore but feels as if he may be getting well and I so hope so!!!

I spent the day quilting.  I finished a quilt for my Aunt and put another one on the frame for her friend Marti in Arkansas and that’s all I’ve done all day.  My caramel apple jam didn’t set so I did re-cook it today and this afternoon I was pleased to see it was finally jelled.  I think I need to develop some high altitude canning directions!

hiding  When Emmi and I went on our walk this morning this lady was lying down and thinking she was hidden from our view.  I love the black trim around her ears.

I did bathe Miss Emmi today, she had started to smell like a dog!  And that was our day.


  1. I am so glad to hear that your husband is feeling better. It sure is a bummer when one is out of sorts and hurting. I hope he will progress further. We have had a wet day here too and we are in for a few more of those with lots of wind. Your jam sounds delicious.

  2. Those black trimmed ears are so cute! Nice photo!


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