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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Yellowstone Park Day Two

The weather was cooler last night for sleeping but learning the ins and outs of a new motorhome kept us awake a lot.  There are two roof vents with fans, Michael thought he had the vents open with no fans but during the night the vents starting going up and down of their own accord—GRRRR.  There is also a propane sensor that must be turned on before the refrigerator will operate on propane or the propane stove burners will light—the stupid thing has this little green light that blinks on and off rapidly all the time—in the dark, it looks like a strobe light—that has to go! 

And added to all the ups and downs last night, Michael’s wrist is killing him—very painful, swollen—I think a visit to a specialist is in order EARLY next week.  We can’t even think of going to Canada with the kind of pain he is enduring so we have to get him fixed!  So he elected to stay in today and Rollie, Gina and I left for the Park about 8am this morning.  We took the Mammoth to Norris to Madison to Old Faithful route enduring the proverbial Montana/Wyoming constructionConstruction .

We made many stops for photosR&G Firehole Falls3 Rollie & Gina at the Firehole FallsFirehole Falls Firehole Falls

We arrived at Old Faithful and discovered we had only an hour to wait before Old Faithful was predicted to erupt again.  It was raining hard at this time so we spent the time browsing the gift shop in the brand spanking new Old Faithful Visitor Center and walking over to Old Faithful Inn.Old Faithful Visitor Ctr The visitor center opened this past Wednesday.  Old Glory flying from the second floor of the Old Faithful Inn.Old Glory in OF Inn

Quick, hurry, time for Old Faithful to show her stuff-- Old Faithful watchers This was only a third of the people waiting for Old Faithful to erupt.R&G waiting for OF Rollie and Gina are patiently waiting, now the little kids in front of Rollie and Gina were not so patient—the little boy in the green coat was making obscene noises with his mouth as little boys will do, his mother was embarrassed, I was amused!Old Faithful in all her gloryThere she blows!  After watching Old Faithful, we browsed through the General Store and headed out.  We took the route that travels by Yellowstone Lake and back through Canyon Village where we stopped to give Mom and Chuck another hug.  Y Lake2 Yellowstone Lake

When we got home Gina proceeded to finish making her beef stew and cornbread.  What a delicious meal and the stew hit the spot on such a cool, rainy day.  After dinner in their rig we adjourned to ours for cheesecake with peaches or strawberries. 

It was another great day spent with Gina and Rollie!  And oh, by the way, they are also two of the most giving people in the world—I’m sure Mike and Pat would agree—not only did they fill my truck diesel tank this morning, pay our way into Yellowstone because Mike and his senior pass weren’t with us, they also treated us to a beautiful set of coasters for the motorhome and a new sweatshirt for me.  I am feeling mighty spoiled!


  1. WOW, nice friends to have! Your pictures are great. Too many people for me though. I don't like crowds. Your weather sure changes in a hurry. Hopefully you will have a few more nice days to enjoy with your friends.

  2. After reading the three blogs, I would love to meet your friends. They seem to be very caring people. Enjoy your visit and hope that Mike feels better soon.

  3. We had the same light in our camper, amazing what a small piece of black tape will do for you sleep. Get that wrist fixed quick. Travel safe.

  4. WE DO AGREE!!! and we are missing our"kids" and "granddogs". Thank you for taking such good care of them. We slept in our "new to us" motorhome for the past two nights so we can relate to your learning experiences. It has a lot of "gadgets" that we are still trying to figure out. Just trying to find out where to turn the lights on is a real feat. Mike is busy writing his Blog and I'm sure he'll mention a few of our "trials and errors". :-)
    Hugs and have a safe trip home. Give our "youngins" a big hug for us. Pat (and Mike)

  5. Looks like they've made some real headway on the construction in the last month. :)


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