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Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Slow Peaceful Sunday

We woke to rain showers and cooler temps.  Emmi, Mike and I took a short little walk before I started quilting.  I have a quilt on the frame that is a wedding gift for the best friend of a young woman in our community.  I promised the quilt would be ready by August 31 and I am going to make it.  Finished all the borders today, now to quilt the inner pieces.

Michael and Rollie took the VW and went up to Jeane and Steve’s old house this morning to look at another Steve project.  There is a small little storage type shed at the house and the current ranch owners have given Steve permission to move it to their place north of town.  Michael is going to haul the building tomorrow with Rollie’s help.

Today has been just a very pleasant, peaceful day.  August sunrise Our sunrise this morning.

I have a rhubarb crisp in the oven and the four of us are going up to Nancy and Geoff’s for dinner tonight. 


  1. Mmmmm rhubarb crisp...sounds wonderful. Enjoy your evening. K

  2. Rhubarb Crisp eh!! Look to your east & when you see a cloud of dust headed your way just get a big bowl of Rhubarb Crisp on the table because that will be me at the head of that dust column running as fast as I can headed straight for your place........:))


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