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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Packing The Motorhome

Jeez, one day it is cold enough for a sweatshirt the next it is so hot you could stroll around in a bathing suit and still be hot!  Today was the hot day and of course it was the day for packing the motorhome. 

I got an early start on finishing the quilt which is on the frame—it turned out beautifully!  I even sewed on the binding for the customer. 

After lunch I started packing the motorhome, making the bed, trying to decide what to take.  Mike and Rollie got our new batteries installed and we have lots and lots of power now!

Gina has been doing laundry all day and Rollie has mostly been helping Mike with a few honey do’s thrown in for good measure. 

Rollie decided to use his macerator pump and empty his tanks today—when he was finished he noticed there was water standing in the drain connected to our septic tank.  UH-OH, then I happened to mention that for the last few days our drains had been gurgling, something they never do—UH, OH!  We have a two tank septic system and the liquid is pumped up the hill to our drain field as our house sits too close to the creek to have the drain field down here.  Michael got the excavator and dug up the drain field—nope, it was functioning well.  Next he dug up the concrete tank that holds the pump—big UH, OH—it was full of liquid which means the pump was malfunctioning.  Thank goodness Michael had a brand new extra pump and they are installing it now.  And once again, what would we do without Rollie?? 

Spike buck This guy was getting a drink this morning and we were within 15 feet of him before he decided we were scary.

Septic problems Rollie is thinking—UH, OH. 


  1. That's amazing that a new pump was readily available! Looks like they're having lots of fun! Happy Travels, K

  2. Ohhh we have the same setup here, 2 chambered holding tank and then a pump uphill to a big mound system for a drain field. We had the switch go out on the pump once, which was an easy fix. Good to keep extras on hand!

    Sooo packing the motorhome must be FUN! Where are you going next?

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  3. Good thing that you noticed the malfunctioning pump and had it fixed before leaving. Have a great first holiday in your new motorhome.

  4. Anything to do with septic tanks is never much fun. Glad to see you were able to get it fixed so quickly.


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