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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Geez It’s Cold

40 degrees and a fire in the fireplace on August 14!  And the low tonight is supposed to be around 35 degrees!!!  I sure hope it doesn’t freeze my garden!

I thought I would post some photos of us all dressed in our Cowboy Action Shooting clothes.

Cody 2005 This is a group of us at an awards banquet in Cody, WY.  The couple on the left side of the photo are friends that used to live here in MT but now live fulltime in Congress, AZ.  I am on the left next to them.  On the right is our friend’s cousin, then Michael, then Mary and Gene—the couple we stayed with in Spokane while buying the motorhome. 

Yuma2006 Mike is in the center of this photo—he doesn’t look much different than his everyday wear, does he??

Eldorado Gambler's Winning Photo A group of winners at a shoot near Las Vegas—Mike is second from the right.  The guy second from the left was a Vietnam war veteran who lost both legs—it was amazing how well he walked and shot.  Ole Deadeye (we all had to have aliases) died about a year after we left the sport.  Michael’s alias was Montana Gambler and mine was Southern Belle.

Winter Range2006 And, that is me in the black hat with my 3rd place award at the big shoot.  I made most of my clothes for the sport, even the white ball gown I have on in the first photo above. 

Mom and Chuck left mid-morning headed to Bozeman, Mom needed a Wal Mart fix.  Michael has worked on the mess the thieves made of the motorhome dash all day and I have quilted.  Finished Aunt Margaret’s Japanese Yen quilt.Aunt Margs Japanese Yen

Tonight we are going over to Lonn and LoraLee’s for dinner, Lonn is cooking—should be interesting! 


  1. Janna, I love reading your blog. I've done a little quilting - do you travel in your RV a lot? Do you quilt on the road? I am still a wanna be, planning for the fulltimer lifestyle in 2012, and wondered if machine quilting was feasible. Your quilts are beautiful!

  2. Janna, I must have missed something...what thieves? motorhome dash mess?? :)


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