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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

And Another Busy Day

The people who installed the gutters on this house didn’t know what they were doing (Nat and me)!  The gutters have always leaked and sagged and more especially so when the leaves and trash haven’t been cleaned out.  So, today was the day for gutter cleaning, UGH—but I got it done.

I also cleaned the house and bathed Emmi so the day was a busy one! 

Gina and Rollie called around 11am and were just leaving Custer so will arrive tomorrow morning instead of today.  Hope that cream cheese pound cake lasts until then, Rollie!

About 4pm I headed into town to get a few groceries, we were out of fresh melons and other fruit.  Made stops at the bank and post office before coming home.  We had hamburgers on the grill and melons for dinner.  Michael and Emmi have gone for another walk, I opted out!

August sunset on the 13th Buck


  1. Did someone say "cream cheese pound cake?" Yummy! K

  2. I must apologize for not getting an earlier start today. Still had a few items to do on Mike & Pat's summer cabin and then still had to load up. Of course it didn't help that Gina was feeling under the weather either. She does 75 percent of the loading and today I did 100 percent. I'm not the fastest when it comes to the inside. I sure hope that cream cheese pound cake makes it until tomorrow morning. Tell Mike we said hello and that we'll see y'all in the morning.

    Rollie & Gina

  3. Cream Cheese Poundcake? That sure got my attention - Rollie and Gina better step on it!!

  4. Cream Cheese Poundcake....I had one of those once but the wheels fell off.


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