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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Irrigating Excitement

As if finding a rattlesnake on the irrigating ditch bank wasn’t exciting enough    last night our neighbors to the south had a problem with their huge irrigating center pivot which sent lots and lots of water rushing through our ditch.  We almost lost the entire irrigating ditch which is a big deal—Mike called Joe and Tammy, the people who own our old ranch, told them what was happening, got permission to clean the ditch on their property which would allow the water to flow more rapidly instead of overflowing and headed up with the excavator.  The ditch had all ready overflowed and washed away partially.  Mike was able to clean the ditch and get the water flowing but will have to go back up when the ditch bank dries—he was a little nervous perched way up on the mountainside with the drop off down the mountain on one side and a ditch full of water on the other side of him. 

While Michael was dealing with all that drama I decided my kitchen floor couldn’t wait other day for a good mopping—not my most favorite thing to do but necessary.

The rest of the morning was spent fixing food for the picnic we were going to tonight to celebrate the opening of our community’s first official volunteer fire department hall.  It was a great party, many of our neighbors and friends were there—good visiting and good food.

Emmi was thrilled to see us when we got home—such a sweet little dog.

Last evening we got a horrific thunderstorm—lots of rain which didn’t help the irrigating ditch situation and a beautiful rainbow and sunset.

July rainbow

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