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Monday, August 23, 2010

Dang It’s Cold

We all had a great time at Geoff and Nancy’s last night, dinner was delicious and the company outstanding.  Gina and Rollie really enjoyed seeing Geoff and Nancy’s place, too.

Went to bed last night with doors and windows open and by morning Michael had icicles hanging from his nose.  It was about 39 degrees this morning and as I write this at 9:30pm the thermometer says 40 degrees.  It could freeze overnight and if it does, my garden is toast.  Oh, well!

Michael, Rollie and Gina left just after noon today, traveling up the Boulder to Jeane and Steve’s old place where they retrieved the little house hoisting it onto our big trailer and hauling it north of town where Steve and Jeane now live.  Gina was the official photographer for the day.

I stayed home to quilt as I really need to finish the quilt that is on the frame before we head over to Yellowstone Park.  I made great progress just not as far as I wanted to get!

I made spaghetti and homemade bread for our dinner and afterwards Gina and Rollie headed to their home.  Michael headed for bed and I did a little more quilting, now I am off to bed.


  1. Doesn't sound like you folks had much of a summer out there.

  2. Boy I hope Sept & Oct in PA. is going to be warmer than your place. Isn't it a little early for a hard freeze? Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. wheeee bring on Autumn!!! My FAVORITE time of year! Rustling leaves, wool sweaters, hot cocoa and simmering soups. Camping without bugs or sweating your butt off. Colorful leaves and crisp air in the morning.

    Karen and Steve
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