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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Emmi To The Vet

Poor Emmi—today was her first real veterinarian appointment—she had her puppy shots but this was much more traumatic.  She wasn’t impressed, she growled at Kirk, our vet, when he took her temp and yelped when she got her shots.  We also had to draw blood to do the heart worm test before we can start her on heart worm meds.  I discussed the rattlesnake vaccine with Kirk, too.  I wanted to discuss it with Michael before we went that route but I think we will probably give Emmi the vaccine—Kirk said I was right that a rattlesnake bite would probably kill a dog as small as Emmi. 

If my poor Michael is any better it is only by a slim margin.  We are going to the little clinic in Big Timber tomorrow to discuss other options and to get a prescription for more pain meds.

Gina, Rollie and friends of theirs—Dale and Mark came up for dinner—Gina even brought the dinner, taco soup, with her, now what more could I ask for??  We visited for a short while then they all headed off to show Dale and Mark our Natural Bridge State Park. 

This morning before we went into Big Timber I took compost out to the compost pile and noticed that the whole cantaloupe I tossed in last week was no longer whole—most of it was missing.  As I began my walk back to the house a large “pile” caught my eye—YEEKS—bear poop with chokecherry seeds, very close to the house. 

Bear Poop The brown spot in the lower right corner is the bear poop—this is where we park the motorhome behind our house and the fence is an enclosure around our apple trees and garden. 

Calli came and picked up her quilt today, she was very pleased and so was I.

Calli Oiestad Song of Praisel Calli Oiestad Song of Praise detail Calli Oiestad Song of Praise detail3

We are hoping for a better day tomorrow.


  1. Wow! That bear was just a little too close to home for comfort! Nice quilt!!

  2. I agree with Rick - that bear was way too close! Have you ever seen one close to your house?
    Your quilt is absolutely beautiful! I love the quilting pattern in the center of the squares. How long have you been quilting?

  3. Sorry for little Emmi but you do what you have to do to keep her safe. I bet she's already forgotten about the "mean" doctor. :-)
    The Quilt is beautiful and the bear poop is way too close! I'm sure you will keep a watchful eye for his return.
    Sorry that Mike is still in so much pain. Is there a Rheumatologist close to you? My Mike was having terrible pain in his legs several years ago and our doctor couldn't figure out what was wrong either so he referred us to a Rheumatologist. He fixed him right up. No problems since. Hope he gets better so you can go to Canada with Rollie and Gina.
    Hugs............Pat and Mike

  4. I think taking a pet to the vet is just as hard on a person as it is on the pet. Have you thought of taking Mike there with his wrist problem:))

  5. Poor Emmi but the alternative is worse. Have you any idea what caused Mike's trouble? Cliff had terrible pains in his neck for weeks quite awhile ago.He could not even drive and every bump in the road hurt like h.... He went to the doctor who sent him to a specialist. This guy talked of putting him in traction and maybe even operating. Instead Cliff went to a chiropractor and it took only a few sessions and he was free of pain and the pain never came back.I wonder if a chiropractor could help Mike??


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