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Friday, August 20, 2010

A Tour Of Big Timber

It was a beautiful, gorgeous morning in Montana—39 degrees and sunny.  Gina and Rollie decided to forego the morning walk and instead sat in their chairs drinking coffee and drinking in our views.  Rollie had exciting news, while out rolling up the windows on their truck late last evening, almost dusk, he heard something, looked up and there went a large brown bear down the upper side of our pond.   Gina is quite upset that she didn’t get to see the bear!

OK, I haven’t been taking a lot of photos and here is my one and only for today—my first cucumber out of our garden.  It is very small—four inches in length??


Right after lunch we left in Rollie’s big truck for Big Timber.  Rollie needed to get a tire fixed and Mike and I had several errands to run.  They enjoyed walking around our little town and we enjoyed showing it to them.   Hey, I could get used to riding around in a semi!!  Gina and I sat in the back on their bed—air conditioner going, refrigerator right there, could have taken a nap—it was great!  In Big Timber we still have a drugstore with an old fashioned soda fountain where we indulged in milkshakes this afternoon. 

My dear friend Jeane has been lucky enough to have a grandparent alive when most people have lost their parents, and both her parents are still alive and fairly healthy.  Jeane’s Grandfather died at the age of 96 and his funeral service is Saturday.  Jeane and Steve have a houseful of company and we drove out to their place today and took cookies to help feed all those people.  Gina and Rollie enjoyed meeting them and seeing their house which is part of an old historic carriage house.

Then it was home to check on all the pooches.  Gina and Rollie decided to cook dinner—Louisiana shrimp, homemade alfredo sauce, sautéed green beans and pasta.  Absolutely delicious, and all I had to do was warm the bread—I particularly like these guests!

Gina and I are off to Bozeman in the morning to meet up with my quilting buddies at the Quilts on the Lawn quilt show and the Bozeman farmer’s market.  The guys are staying home to dog sit and work on our motorhome. 


  1. We really thank you and Mike for the tour of your quaint little town. We enjoyed the old fashioned shakes and they hit the spot perfect.

    Rollie & Gina

  2. We really enjoyed the pictures of your property (Rollie & Ginas blog). What a little piece of heaven you were blessed with. :) Thank you for sharing.

    The Freely Living Life Family

  3. I bet that cucumber will taste great! There's nothing like picking A VEGETABLE out of your own garden. :)

  4. Hi Janna and Mike........we're so glad our "kids" are enjoying their stay at your beautiful Montana home. They have both been working really hard to help us get our little "cabin" finished so they deserve this time away. God truly blessed us with their presence and we love them very much.

    The kids have told us a lot about you and we hope to get to meet you in person real soon.

    Hugs to both of you...........Pat and Mike


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