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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cutting Firewood

Yesterday I mentioned to Michael that we should soon go cut firewood halfway hoping he had something else to do today.  But, no, we were on our way up the East Boulder by 9am. 

Woodcutting view It is a gorgeous area as you can see and so peaceful and quiet.

Michael had very good luck today felling the trees in the exact position he wanted.  We were finished cutting a trailer load of wood and driving away in just two hours.  Eating our lunch as we drove down the bumpy road, Michael shouted, “bear”, by the time I got the camera focused--

Bear that tiny black dot to the left of this tree is all I got of the “bear.”  Sorry Ann!!

Unloaded the majority of the wood here at the houseReady for winter and came inside to rest for a while—I took a nap and Michael surfed the internet.  Then it was on to quilting for me—I am more than halfway finished with your quilt Aunt Marg!

When we looked at the motorhome in Spokane one of the first things we noticed was that the radio had been ripped out of the dash—thieves had stolen it just the night before.  The RV dealership was not behind a fence and evidently when the dead bolt lock of a motorhome is not locked—any number of keys to RV’s will fit the same locks—they think the thieves had access to  RV keys???  Anyway, we decided not to wait for those guys to repair the dash, we would have probably still be waiting in Spokane like Jim and Ellie are waiting in Red Bay!  Michael started trying to trace all the wiring and get it all back together today, the thieves damaged the heater/air conditioning controls while stealing the radio. 

We had delicious hamburgers on the grill and guacamole for dinner!

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  1. Aw that is too bad about the stereo! I am sure Mike can put in something else and make sense of the wires, he is so handy.

    I know dealers like using their master key in the doors, but using the dead bolt would protect their investments till they were sold... duh!

    Even the basement compartment storage doors take a very common key, and Steveio changed all of ours right away.

    Karen and Steve
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