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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Moving In

When we sold the Beaver motorhome, we moved out of it in a hurry, making big piles of containers, linens and boxes in a corner of the basement.  We have both spent way too much time digging in that pile for things we needed such as an 8X8 pan I needed to bake brownies last night.  So today was the day—we moved in.

I quilted this morning, made lunch then started cleaning on the motorhome.  For once we bought a clean rig—the only grubby thing was the refrigerator.  We are both pleased with the amount of storage in the rig, inside and out.  Discovered that I had kept a remote control for the bedroom TV in the Beaver, will have to pack that up and send it to the new owner. 

We removed the two leather recliners this morning but this afternoon decided we would take out the couch and put the recliners back.  When we sit and read or have our computers on our laps, we both like to have our feet up.  The recliners make more sense and are more easily moved around for TV watching, etc.  We discussed buying or making an ottoman to prop our feet on but have decided in the end to put the recliners back.  And all the furniture moving can’t be blamed totally on me—Michael had a say, too!

Homemade pizza for supper and we are both collapsed in our chairs with our feet up!

August view of the Crazies An August view of the Crazy Mountains.

A walking path One of our walking paths.  This side of our little valley is still lush and green because our rancher neighbor’s center irrigating pivot gives all this vegetation a drink when it makes the rounds above our house in the hayfield. 

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