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Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Trip To Livingston

The quilting machine was humming shortly after 9am this morning and I came real close to finishing the quilt I have on the frame before going upstairs to make lunch. 

After lunch I began making preparations for heading to Livingston for the annual quilt guild picnic.  Made a couple of stops in Big Timber—one to discuss a new health insurance policy with a local agent. 

Then it was over to Livingston with a stop at the grocery store and Radio Shack before heading to the park for the picnic.  We installed a trucker’s antenna on the previous motorhome to enhance our Cradlepoint router reception for the Verizon aircard.  Well, that antenna went with the motorhome so I picked up another one today.  I priced the antennas on the 3G website and the price was about $25 dollars more than at the local Radio Shack so I felt like I was getting a bargain! 

The picnic was fun but the guild part was not—what is it about organizations??  More on this tomorrow when I am not so tired.

14 months

East Boulder at sunset


  1. Very interesting colors in that bottom photo. :)

  2. Do you ever attend the quilt show at Paducah, Kentucky? It's a really big deal here... K

  3. Janna, I could not find a good place to mount the magnetic base of the truckers antenna for our rig, (all fiberglass, no metal) so instead I stuck it to a bread pan and set it in the front windshield area. Seems to work good enough for the air card and router setup.


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