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Monday, August 9, 2010

A List A Mile Long

We started out the day with a walk and encountered no rattlesnakes—could be the cooler temps—it only reached 60 degrees today—could fall be in the air all ready???

I had a list a mile long for today—and I managed to get it all done and then some.  Laundry, phone calls about health insurance (Michael qualifies for Medicare in October), ordered us a blue flame heater for the motorhome and quilted.  I started Aunt Marg’s Japanese Yen quilt today. 

Michael washed the new motorhome and spent the rest of the day trying to find out how all the systems work.  Would you believe the awning operates off a small air compressor all its own plus 12 volt—this motorhome has more gadgetry than Best Buy!  And the generator compartment unlocks with the flip of a switch connected to a battery. 

Joe, Tammy and the boys are coming up for dessert tonight, they are only staying the two nights, heading home tomorrow.  I made some brownies to serve with ice cream.


While in Quartzsite last year we bought and installed a blue flame heater paying dearly for it and also paying sales tax.  The state of MT does not have a sales tax and we sure hate to pay that AZ eight and three quarter percent!  I ordered a bigger BTU heater today and even with shipping it is still about $50 less than what we paid in Quartzsite. 

Another great day!

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