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Friday, August 6, 2010

It's A Done Deal

It's a done deal!!! After a sleepless night for both of us, we decided to stick to our guns and go with our original offering price to the dealer here in Spokane for the top of the line Country Coach--an Affinity. We were within $7000 and were tempted to take their counter offer but overnight just decided we were sticking.

When we drove over to the dealership this morning to drive the rig, Michael told the salesman, "we need to talk." You could see the disappointment on his face thinking we had changed our mind totally, his original statement when we told him we were sticking with the original price was, "we can't do that." We said, "OK, we understand" and started to leave. Well, as usual, phone calls were made and our offer was accepted. We took the coach "as is" with no cleaning.

We are so incredibly excited--we thought our Beaver was a nice coach, wait until you see this one! We will be going home tomorrow and I will post photos then! I am using Mary's computer, she has only a plug-in DSL line, no router so I can't use our laptop.

Jim and Rollie--it has a 425 CAT engine--I can haul anything I want, can't I??? It has no slides, just like our Beaver but is very spacious. The kitchen and bath have granite floor tiles, the furniture is leather and there is tons of storage--we are SO excited.

I will drive the little car home tomorrow and Michael will drive the coach--we toyed with the idea of renting a U-Haul car trailer but changed our minds.

Life is so good!


  1. Sounds awesome! Congratulations! Looking forward to the pics. :-)
    - Mary Ann

  2. WooooHoooo!! We sure thought you'd hold out for a 5th wheel, but this sounds great for you. If I know you, you would have cleaned it like crazy anyway, so I think you did great. Can't wait to see it, CONGRATULATIONS!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS! Sounds like a great deal, I hope you have great luck ith it, That Cat engine is a puller.Can't wait tp see it in pictures. Have fun with the cleaning and shining to get it to your standard of excellence. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.

  4. Good for you guys. well done indeed. I know & can feel your excitement. Big happy day for Mike tomorrow driving it home. I remember how great I felt driving our rig home 3 years ago. He'll have big smile on his face like a Cheshire cat going down the highway. He'll be able to use that handlebar mustache for turn signals cause that's how wide his grin's gonna be:))

  5. Congratulations!!!..can't wait to see the photos!!!!

  6. Wheee heeee the Taj ma hal of rigs is gonna roll down the road!

    Can't wait to see the pics!

  7. Congratulations - wave as you drive through Bozeman. Looking forward to the pictures - it sounds wonderful!

  8. I am glad for you! Looking forward to some pictures. It will be a great home for the winter in the South!
    Congratulations ☺


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