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Thursday, August 26, 2010

To Yellowstone

Posting this from Michael's laptop which doesn't have Live Writer and no SD card slot so I can download photos.

We all loaded and loaded, bathed dogs, did laundry and sweated in the heat before finally getting out of Dodge about 2:30. Drove to Big Timber, stopped at Town Pump to get fuel and the fun began. Why in the world do gas stations think a rig with a 165 gallon tank can fill up for $75 when the price per gallon is $3??? And when you complain the station has the audacity to tell you it is your credit card that has the limit. Sorry, but no, my American Express has no limit and I'm not buying that explanation! I did get more than a little agitated and ended up calling the station to apologize to the manager of the station--but seriously, someone needs to figure this out, we were at that station for almost an hour!!! I should have just taken a credit card inside but when I tried to do that, the line was eight people deep!

When Gina and Rollie arrived we made the mistake of bragging about our wonderful weather, how we had not hit 100 degrees, well, today we hit 102 degrees! Here at almost 10pm, it is still rather warm but today was to have been the last day for this kind of heat.

We made it to the fishing access along the Yellowstone River just outside Gardiner, MT just in time for happy hour. Gina and Rollie are very pleased with our spot and we had dinner outside by the river. I think we are going to like this motorhome. Will post again tomorrow with lots of photos, I hope!

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  1. Yup. You are exactly right-- it's NOT the charge card itself. It is the station or the franchise of the station, or the financial vendor they use to tabulate, apply and service their charge charge accounts that sets the limit. Little local clerks don't have a clue and use the *blame game* excuse on you, the customer.

    Our problem is that our American Express will give us cash back on diesel purchases, but ONLY if we use it at the pump. If we go inside to pay for a fuel transaction at their register, it will not give us the cash back. It is substantial at FIVE percent once we use it for $6,000 worth of fuel! So every dollar we spend on our car, truck, tracker or motorhome goes on that card. The first part of the year we get 1% but about half way through the year we start getting a large amount of cash back. But if we have to go inside, like at Flying J's to purchase fuel, we lose that benefit of those dollars spent. ARGHHHH

    So we learned we can fuel up once at $75, pull ahead to another pump and fuel up again at $75 and sometimes we can get a third pumping. Sometimes we can swipe again and pump at the same pump. We try to fuel up once we hit about half a tank (100 gal total) so that just about tops us off again. Some of the Mobil and Citgo stations around here let us go full without stopping at all. So we try to patronize the ones that do that. But hard to do that when on the road travelling at various station.

    Of course, there always is good old cold hard cash?

    Karen and Steve
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