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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

OK, A Decision

But just a decision to go west tomorrow!  We will travel to Spokane and stay with Mary and Gene, hopefully arriving early enough to see the Safari motorhome there in Spokane.  We hope to leave early in the morning and travel in the convertible in cooler temps.

If the motorhome in Spokane isn’t acceptable, we may travel on to Seattle or Portland—there are a couple in Portland we wouldn’t mind seeing.

So, the day was spent getting ready—ironing, packing, baking bread, moving flower pots around so the plants won’t cook while I am gone and bathing Emmi much to her dismay—twice in one week Mom??

Michael has given up on getting the turbo out of our Ford dually—the truck is a 2004 and you would think Ford designed the truck so only their certified mechanics can work on the dang thing!  Mike cannot get one of the bolts removed and has just decided to quit—we may be looking for a new truck, too.  Why in the world would a vehicle manufacturer design a truck that required removing the whole cab in order to work on many things in the engine compartment???

It was been a beautiful, glorious day here—I shouldn’t brag—my family and friends are sweltering back home in Arkansas.

Wild Roses


  1. Mmmm is that bread baking? I can smell it all the way in Kentucky!
    Hope you find the perfect new "home."

  2. safe travels as you embark on your journey to purchase you new house on wheels!!!

  3. Just an idea, would it be easier to take the hood off and seperate the engine and trans and pull the engine up with a cherry picker when it clears the body. I would think that is easier than all the bolts and wiring to undo to remove the cab. Just a thought, Sam & Donna.

  4. What a nice outing for the next couple of days!

  5. Enjoy your travel Northwest. Go to Cannon Beach for me if you go to Portland!!!


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