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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Gina and Rollie Experience Billings

It is almost 9pm and we just rolled in about an hour ago.  Left home early this morning—the rest of the gang dropped me at the hairdresser’s for the first stop.  Did I mention we were traveling in the BIG truck??  All the girls in the hairdresser’s were just staring when I climbed down out of that semi.

And the good news I think is that my sweet husband does not have gout!!!  Since last Sunday Michael has been absolutely miserable with severe pain and swelling in his right wrist and as he is right handed, the pain has just about incapacitated him.  We have had him on over the counter meds plus some prednisone I had and while we did relieve his pain most of the time, he wasn’t getting any better.  Today was the day to finally visit the doctor.  His blood test came back negative for gout, could be arthritis, could be an injury he didn’t know he had??, could be anything.  But, the best thing of all—the PA he saw confirmed his nurse wife’s recommendations which he wasn’t willing to follow—“you need a much higher dosage of prednisone.”  So, now he is on a higher dose of prednisone for a week.  Dear Rollie has been a God send this week helping Michael with anything that might injure or hurt his wrist—we couldn’t have done it without him.  Gina has also been a God send—ribbing Michael in just the right way to go to the doctor!  As Mike and Pat McFall say, we love Gina and Rollie and we love having them here—they have the best attitude and their faith is an inspiration!

Our Billings trip was grueling—lunch, stops at Sam’s Club (where we bought four huge batteries for the new motorhome), Costco and finally Wal Mart.  We were driving the big truck but I’m not sure we could have gotten much more in there.  We took the three dogs—Rollie’s truck has a residential air conditioner that you can leave running without leaving the engine running. 

It was a great day spent with great friends!

Blue Lake A couple recycled photos of our four wheeler trip to Blue Lake last August.Blue Lake3


  1. Gina and I thank you for those nice words. Janna you are way to kind. We love doing for others and most of all we thank you for showing us a little piece of heaven.

    Love In Christ,
    Rollie & Gina

  2. Ouchie on Mike's arm... but sure glad it isn't gout! Sounds like your shopping trip was fun, and great to get those new batteries for the rig. Nothing like starting out fresh with a whole new bank!

    Karen and Steve
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