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Friday, June 20, 2008

Why We Live In Montana Day

This was one of those why we live in Montana kind of days. The temperature hovered around 75 degrees all day, the sky was so blue it was indescribable and the mountains and wildflowers added so much color to our landscape.

We spent the entire day at the ranch managed by Michael's son, Lonn. We are doing an excavation project around the cabins one of the owners built way up on the side of the mountain. The views literally take your breath away--you can see forever--six mountain ranges are visible from these cabins. It didn't seem like work, every where we looked, the views were spectacular. Some wildlife came out to see what we were doing and Jazz had a ball, sniffing and exploring off a leash. While we are very tired tonight, it is a contented tired--it was a wonderful, beautiful day.

This Mule Deer came out to see what we were doing in his home.
There were about 6 of them on the hillside above where we were working--if their horns are this big now, can you imagine how big they will be come fall???

The Crazy Mountains and the pond by the cabins.

As soon as we got on the highway from our place this morning, Michael spotted this bear loping along the river bank. I got so excited, my photo is not the greatest, he is the brown spot in the center.

The West Boulder Mountains and some beautiful yellow wildflowers.
The Jazzy dog got very tried today and needed some Mom attention so she decided to ride with me for a while in the skidsteer.
We are so truly blessed to be able to live here in Montana and to also travel as we do.

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