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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hard Work and Feeling Good

The weather cooperated today long enough for me to get the grass mowed and weed whacked here at the house and also down at the road by the "worm fence." These fences are probably called "worm fences" due to their crooked design. They were very common here in Montana in earlier times probably because they required no digging of post holes. They last a long time as evidenced by the old ones you see along the sides of the roads. Mowing the grass and weed whacking just makes it look so clean and nice at our driveway entrance. But, tonight, I need a massage, that is a lot of work!
Michael and I were discussing today that it feels good to work hard and accomplish something. He has been struggling with the lack of something to do when we are traveling in the RV for extended periods of time and is very pleased to have a project for the summer. I seem to have an easier time of staying busy in the RV with sewing, writing this blog, cooking and reading. Michael needs to have a physical activity, anybody have any thoughts?? He may have to take up golf!!
Today I am reminded of my Dad. He had no hobbies and lived to work until he became too ill to work. His idea of a good Saturday was cutting firewood, mowing the grass, and washing the cars. He was always quick to rope you in to helping, too. Michael and I both tried to copy Daddy today, we had way too many projects!
Our son and daughter-in-law heard from Laci our granddaughter today. She just started boot camp in San Antonio. She called and said it was hot, she was doing lots of marching and getting yelled at a lot. She felt she was doing well with the sit-ups and push-ups, too. It was a relief to hear from her and to get an address so we can send letters.

A photo of our driveway and that blue, blue Montana big sky!
The worm fence and Boone Mountain in the background.
A baby bunny that is hanging out in our front yard driving Jazz crazy.

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