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Tuesday, June 10, 2008


My sister reminded me today how blessed Michael and I are to live where we live. It is so incredibly beautiful and private here. We have each other, our health, our families and friends and of course the Jazzy dog. We are truly blessed.
I fired up the weed sprayer today and got some nasty old burdock and houndstongue murdered. We thought the weather report had been wrong--the morning was beautiful then the wind came up, the temperature dropped and a snow/rain squall went through. I was weeding our backyard flower beds and had to retreat inside.
Bet some of those folks at the RV Dreams Rally in Branson, MO wish they had a little of our cooler temperatures!
Our power company is working on the system tomorrow and have told us we will have at least six hours without power starting at 8am. So--we are taking the day off and heading to Billings for some serious grocery shopping and other shopping.
Count your blessings, today.

More of the wild iris have bloomed

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  1. Hi Janna, by tomorrow, we probably will be wishing for your Montana cool air. Today was nice, but it's supposed to get hot again!

    Hope you had a successful shopping trip!

    Take care,


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