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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Friends and Dog Grooming

Happy Father's Day!!

Yesterday, I spent the day getting ready for a happy hour type gathering of many of our friends here at our home. I love to entertain and cook so I was in my element! We have new neighbors, Nancy and Geoff who bought the home of friends Jill and Terry. Their home is located about a mile from us right on the river. We invited other neighbors and spent a wonderful evening eating, drinking and visiting. It was actually warm enough of us to sit out on the deck for a change.

Michael is still working very hard on our garage. He put up one of the big truss supports this morning--all I can say is that I am sure thankful we have machinery--that was one big board!!

It is a beautiful day in Montana and the forecast calls for several more just like it. The sunshine is so welcome.

Poor Jazz is a very traumatized dog. For the party occasion, she got a bath and then this morning while we were on our walk, once again, she found something nasty to roll in--guess she is telling me she doesn't like baths. Soooo--we came back to the house and as she hasn't had a haircut since before we left Arizona, I bathed her and gave her a buzz job! I cut most of her hair off and she doesn't look so much like a Schnauzer, now. It will be easier to keep her clean this summer while she is outside so much.

Michael's Dad, his son and his family are coming over this afternoon for an early dinner so I best get busy. We are having steaks on the grill, twice baked potatoes and homemade cream cheese pound cake for dessert--I am hungry all ready!

When our guests were leaving last night, the sky was spectacular, this photo really didn't capture all the colors but you get the idea!
One traumatized little dog!

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