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Friday, June 6, 2008

Quilting, Rain and BIG Holes

After we took our walk this morning, I started out to mow the grass here at the house and down by the road where we have a log rail fence at the entrance to our driveway. Mother Nature had other ideas--we started out with sunshine and quickly progressed to rain, cold and wind. The big blue tarp in the photo is protecting our concrete forms from all the rain. Michael is being supervised by the Jazzy girl as he digs the BIG hole to get power and water to the garage. Sure is nice to have a husband who is so handy!

Since I couldn't do manual labor today, I did a little cleaning then headed to my sewing room downstairs. I had started this bag while we were still in Arizona and decided to finish it today. I am very pleased with how it turned out.

When we sold our ranch about 3 years ago, we kept the small parcel where our house is located and the new owners of the ranch allow us to still walk on their property. They have leased out the pasture ground to a friend of ours who raises Frisian horses. These are young horses with no manners yet and they come to the fence every time they see us to check out what's going on. Of course Jazz has to have a fit and I really have to watch her, she seems to want to give chase which would not be a good thing, we could have a pancake Schnauzer. Frisian horses are draft horses and have HUGE feet.
The mountains in the background of this photo burned in the summer forest fires 2 years ago. These fires came within 1/2 mile of our home and we were evacuated twice. Hopefully with all this rain and cool weather we are having here in June, our forest fire danger will be lessened this summer--see there is a silver cloud.

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  1. Janna - I'm impressed by the big hole and all the work Mike is doing, but that bag, oh my gosh! It is beautiful!!

    Take care,


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