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Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Day Off

We finished our project at the cabins yesterday evening late. There is still one more cabin/bunkhouse located at the main ranch headquarters site to do but Michael and his son changed plans and we have some breathing room! We will go back about mid July and complete the job.

We just took it very easy this morning, drinking our coffee, reading the paper and other things online then went for a walk with the Jazzy dog. Then we began to get caught up on our own projects. Since we sold the ranch almost 3 years ago, we have rented a big barn/shed from the new owner to store Michael's treasures. With our garage, we will no longer need that storage so Michael has been moving the remaining few things out of there today. I sprayed the never ending weeds, made phone calls and did the never ending laundry.

One of the phone calls I made was to research new health insurance. As we were and are self-employed, we have always paid out of pocket for our health insurance. Both of us are healthy, take only one medication between the two of us and have a $10,000 deductible health insurance policy. So even wellness things like mammograms come out of our pocket and so far this year, we have spent over $2000 on wellness issues! So I am trying to find other options for us. We contribute faithfully to a Health Savings Account and I recently changed administrators for that account, locating a new administrator that paid a much higher interest rate on our balance. And by the way you RV'ers--it is a credit union located in Chicago, IL that allows you to become a member of the credit union if you also belong to Escapees.

This evening, we are off to Michael's son's to pick up our last remaining piece of equipment so he can haul it to another job on Monday.

It is a great day and life.

Balsam root flowers again.
The recent warm weather has increased the amount of snow melt coming down from the mountains and raised the water level in the rivers greatly. This is the East Boulder River near our home. Some of the rivers such as the Yellowstone River are at flood stage.
Not sure whether this young eagle will turn out to be a Golden or a Bald.

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