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Monday, June 23, 2008

Almost Finished

Well, we almost finished one step of our excavation project at the cabins. We probably have a short day's work to finish on Wednesday then we will move the equipment down to another spot the ranch calls the bunkhouse and work there for a few days, then we are finished completely--hurrah!!

Jazz explored and explored again today and tonight has taken up residence in our bed, she is so tired. I worried about her Saturday and Sunday, she seemed not herself and did not eat well. As some of you know, she almost died this past winter and I was afraid she was having the exact same symptoms again but I think she was just exhausted from all her running around on the ranch on Friday while we worked. Today she ate well and acted her usual self.

These buffalo are located on the ranch that borders the one where we have been working. The buffalo are frequently near the road as they were this afternoon. It is shedding time and they sure are mangy looking critters.

Mom and baby buffalo
We are off to Billings tomorrow for doctor's appointments and grocery shopping. Jazz will stay with Nat, it is too warm to take her.

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