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Monday, June 2, 2008

Butte, Montana

Dinner with our neighbors, George and Shirley and Robyn and Claire was wonderful last night as usual. Shirley served us salmon and the way she prepared it was awesome. George is our local wine expert so that part of the evening was excellent, too.
We took a beautiful, strenuous walk this morning and got very muddy feet. Jazz lagged behind a couple of times and later I found out why! She let herself into the house as she is prone to do since Mr. Handyman has not fixed the back door lever and went to take her morning nap in my chair. I stopped to pet her and smelled this toxic odor. She had rolled in a nice, fragrant pile of horse poop!!! So, in spite of the fact that she had the dreaded bath yesterday, she and I headed off to the bath tub again!! She was not a happy girl and neither was Mom!
Tonight we are in Butte, Montana which is located about two and a half hours from our home. The drive is very scenic although it rained on us almost the whole way and the wind whipped us around.
Our granddaughter, Laci, is being inducted into the US Air Force tomorrow morning at the Federal Building here then she will leave for boot camp in San Antonio. We are allowed to go to the induction ceremony then they take her away. We will miss her greatly!
We are in a motel and I told Michael that it would have been more fun to bring the RV and probably cheaper--even with the price of diesel fuel. Motels in Montana in the tourist season are expensive.
Tomorrow I will post some tourist stuff about Butte with photos--I brought the old laptop with me and left the cable for the camera at home.

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  1. We hope you've had a good time in Butte, and that little Jazz stays clean for a while!

    Take care, safe travels!


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