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Thursday, June 5, 2008

We Are Starting to Grow Web Feet

It rained those cats and dogs again most of the morning but this afternoon, we have very welcome sunshine. I did get out this afternoon and pull some weeds and grass from the flower beds. There are certain chores that make me wonder about full time RVing and pulling weeds is one of them!
Guess we won't be going anywhere in the RV for a while, we have a mother robin sitting on 4 little blue eggs in our pin box!! Robins have a knack for putting their nests in sheltered spots. At least she put her nest out of Jazz reach, Jazz is bad news for little baby birds that haven't gotten their wings yet.
We are trying to diet again and lose some of the winter weight we gained. I think being on a diet is one of the hardest things I have ever tried to do, UGH!
There is a pair of mallard ducks hanging out on our pond the last few weeks. They are there almost every morning which is making us think they may be nesting nearby--we might have baby ducks.
Nat, Michael's Dad who lives in Big Timber came up today and had lunch with us. He and Michael had a good visit.

Another view of the Tobacco Root Mountains near Butte, Montana. Notice how much snow is still on the mountains--the news is good for our snow pack this spring. Lots of mountain snow means lots of irrigating water for the ranchers and farmers and lots of smiles from those folks!

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