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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kamikaze Bird and Billings

Last night we had a small pale yellow bird hopping up and down our bedroom window sills, flying at the window at times and chirping very loudly. It continued this behavior until dark but was at it again early as in 4am this morning. It is gone tonight. I need to get the bird book and see if I can identify it. Our baby robins from the pin box on the RV are trying to fly, too. Time for mother robin to find a new home for her nest!

We were out of the house by 8am this morning, stopped for coffee at Cinnabar Creek, dropped Jazz off with Michael's Dad and were off to Billings. I had doctor's appointments and we had our usual long list of things to do such as buy groceries. We didn't get home until about 7:30pm! We don't know what the answer is for these marathon Billings days but they are killing us. We used to go more often but with the price of gas, we are attempting to travel less frequently.

I saw a new dermatologist today who things he is a comedian! He told me my legs were too tan so I must buy my pants too short! He didn't like my tan arms, either! But I really liked him for a change, I have struggled with dermatologists! He also told me I had no wrinkles on my face to worry about--so I really liked him!

We are off to work again tomorrow--no rest for the weary!

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  1. Morning Janna and Mike!

    Just saw your blog in my referral list! Your pics make me 'Homesick' for Montana! ... and nice to read a blog where they aren't whining about this and that.... OOPS! Like I've been doin' :-) You're even luckier than me... what with Buffs for neighbors! :-) ... and you're right about 'aversions' to yard work... actually, I think it's an allergy! Take Good Care
    Brian (goin' RV Boondocking)


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