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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Glorious Sunday

Beautiful, warm, sunny weather this Sunday. Michael worked out on the garage and complained about it being hot--it took us so long to warm up this year, I am not hot yet!

I mowed the lawns today and did some cooking and laundry. It was an uneventful, restful day for me. Even Jazzy is still tired from our construction work last week and we head off for more tomorrow.

Michael's Dad came up for lunch today--he loves my cooking so it is a pleasure to cook for him. We had steaks, salad and baked potatoes. My rhubarb plants are going wild this spring and I had made a rhubarb crisp a couple of days ago and experimented with making it lower in calories and fat--it was good!

The photos are more from the ranch Lonn manages.

Balsam Root flowers all over the hillsides in full bloom, bright yellow.
One of the buck mule deer we saw at a distance the day before. He was taking his afternoon nap. Across the road, his buddy was also taking a nap and we watched one of the other big guys walk up behind him and lash out at the napping deer with a hoof as if to say, "get up, you're in my spot."

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