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Monday, June 9, 2008

We Have Walls

At 10am the concrete truck roared up the driveway and we started pouring the final half of the garage walls. We had a really talented crew--Nat, who is 86 years old and had heart surgery last November, one-armed Lonn who is Michael's son--he has one arm because he is dealing with a torn biceps tendon and to add insult to injury on top of that, got bucked off his horse Saturday. The final member of this great crew was me who doesn't know the first thing about pouring concrete. Michael got to run the skidsteer loader and supervise but, we got it done, it is working and we now have garage walls.
On our early morning walk, we spotted two fawns hiding in some bushes. We tried to sneak closer for some photos but weren't too successful--one fawn took off and the other hid himself even more into the bushes.
We had sunshine early today but now we have clouds and our forecast does not look good for a few days so expect some whining from me.

Nat looks like he is looking for something he lost!
There are actually two fawns in this photo but it is hard to tell.
Jazz walks this log across the little creek that is there--you would think she doesn't want to get her feet wet but she had all ready been in the creek several times this morning.
Michael is out spreading tar on the older concrete walls of the garage to help prevent moisture from seeping in when he backfills dirt against the walls. He is dressed in the grubbiest clothes he can find so they can go in the garbage if he has too much tar on him when he comes in. He has on an old black cowboy hat that should have gone in the garbage long ago so maybe I will get lucky and it will get tar on it so we can throw it away!

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