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Monday, June 30, 2008

A Very Warm Day

Well, it was our first HOT day of summer, it was very warm and even a little humid which doesn't happen too often. By 7pm, it was cloudy and had cooled.

Michael took off this morning with a piece of equipment to help put in a sprinkler system and I did yard work and more yard work with a little laundry tucked in between.

And speaking of laundry, last summer while our friends Angie and Ralph were here staying in our RV spot, Angie and I started drying most of our clothes on the clothesline on our deck to save money on the electric bill. We had to take turns washing because the clothesline is short in length. When we were in Billings last, I purchased another retractable clothesline and now I have two, so I can dry everything outside all at once including sheets.

I had a wonderful experience today--in this day and age when customer service seems to have gone by the wayside--I got absolutely fabulous customer service from one of my favorite stores, Costco. We purchased a Sealy mattress set from Costco in 2005 and it just has not held up well, developing soft spots where we both sleep. With several phone calls back and forth between Costco and Sealy and us, Costco decided today to have us return the mattress to them and they would give us a NEW one. The mattress is 3 years old--Costco is providing above and beyond customer service!
Sunset last night was breathtaking, I hurried outside and took these two photos.

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