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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Stuck in the Irrigation Ditch

It has been a busy day. Michael loaded up the mini-excavator and headed off to work today (yes, that dirty word, "work"). We have owned a excavating business for several years and he still does some work for clients he always enjoyed working for.

I stayed home but didn't do any less work, that is for sure. Things like laundry and weed spraying just never seem to end, do they. I re-worked the drip system to our shrubs and some newly planted shrubs today.

After lunch I hopped on the riding mower to mow a walking path around our 40 acres. The young horses being pastured on the ranch we used to own make walking over there not very pleasant so I wanted to create a place where we could walk on our own ranch. The grass was so tall, it took me many trips back and forth to get it short enough and I got stuck in the irrigation ditch--riding mowers are heavy when you have to push them! Dang thing threw muddy water all over me, too! For those of you who don't know about irrigation, water is precious here in Montana. There are these irrigation ditches everywhere coming from the little creeks and rivers and the ditches are built on grade and gravity flow to each ranch owning water rights. Ranchers and farmers use the water to irrigate hay fields and crops. The moral of this story, don't cross irrigation ditches that have water in them with a slow moving riding mower unless you want to push!

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