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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Butte, Montana, the Air Force and Rain, Again

Yesterday morning early in Butte, MT, we attended the induction ceremony for our granddaughter, Laci. It was a very emotional occasion as she left for San Antonio, Texas and boot camp. My thoughts have been with her all day today hoping she is coping and getting acclimated.
After the ceremony, we headed toward Bozeman and Costco to pick up a few groceries. Along the way, we drove up the side of a mountain to check out a USFS campground. We are always on the lookout for scenic and private campgrounds that we can fit into. We could fit our RV into this campground but the road was 4 miles of bone jarring gravel and rocks, not somewhere we want to take the rig. But you couldn't beat the scenery.
I did manage to check out the quilt store in Butte and another one in the very small town of Whitehall, MT. After Costco, we scurried home as we were expected for dinner at the home of our friends Mark and Gemma by 6pm. It was an enjoyable evening, good food and good friends.
Today it is raining again, cats and dogs! Michael has started working on the second half of the garage wall.
This afternoon as our friends Ellie and Jim say, I practiced my napping and did very well at it since it was raining. It is June 4 and we have not reached 45 degrees, we have a fire in the fireplace!

This is a photo of the Berkeley Pit in Butte, site of the largest open-pit copper mining operation in the world, started in 1955 and closed in 1982. It has filled with water and is 1800 feet deep!!
The Tobacco Root Mountains as seen from the USFS campground we checked out.
Jazz and me beside the creek that flowed through the campground.
Pretty purple flowers.

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  1. Nap practicing is a learned art....It takes patience to just slow down & relax....On another note, our prayers are with your grandaughter Laci as she begins this adventure.....


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