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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Critter, I Quit And Grocery Shopping Help

DSCN0289Michael was raking cactus droppings away from our walking path and out of the sand came this guy, he was probably about a foot long.  We have cactus wrens building a nest right outside our kitchen window—this will be fun to watch and maybe a little noisy!

Last Saturday I wrote “…started a rug making project—Michael built the loom a couple years ago….”, well yesterday I quit, finding the process to be incredibly boring.  The loom is just a rectangle with small nails for looping strips of fabric around eventually making a rag rug—and eventually is the key word here! 

We were in Wickenburg not long ago and for some reason went to the Basha Supermarket instead of the Safeway.  I was looking for honey—every container I chose was labeled “from Argentina,” or “from China,” I kid you not!  So, it was taking me a while to find US honey—these two older ladies came down the aisle, pointed to a jar and said, “that’s real good honey!!”  And I said, “but it is made in Argentina!!”  They absolutely could not believe that until I showed the ladies the label.  Well, then they began pointing out other honey until I was ready to just take ANY jar—I chose a smallish container and one of the ladies said, “WHY DO YOU WANT TO GET SUCH A SMALL CONTAINER!!!”  Geez, can’t a person just shop for groceries on their own?????Smile  The cowboy and I had quite the chuckle over my helpers in the grocery store!

It was another cool and rainy day in the AZ desert.  Michael is coming down with a bug of some sort so he stuck close to home, I visited with Larry and Geri a bit then walked across to get a bundt pan from Jim and Ellie.  There is a cream cheese pound cake cooling on the counter—Larry wore me down and I had to make him one just so he would be quiet!!! 

IMG_0881Some people carry passengers in their side by side ATVs—as Cathy didn’t come with Mike on our Shiprock ride I guess he decided carrying rocks home to Cathy was the next best thing! Smile



  1. The first message I posted did not I'm posting again. The big lizardy critter is a chuckawalla, one of two sizeable lizards in Arizona. He (she?) is harmless!

  2. Az. honey sold at the tables set up jus past the mercantile.
    Also at Johnsons Hardware/Lumber around the corner from Bashas.
    some of it says from Aguilla.

  3. Scooter would love your lizard. Hoping for some sunshine today. Buying American is really tough at times. You even have to be careful at Farmer's Markets.

  4. Good to know I am not the only one hauling rocks around!!

    Hope Michael is all right!

  5. Maybe someone at North Ranch would want to finish the rug for themselves.......a note on the bulletin board? Laughed at the "helpers" concern over your lack of honey-commitment - my mother always complained she was a "magnet for meddlers". I had no idea the number of rocks I had until the final purge - most stayed with the house, and we made a pact that we're taking pictures not samples when we get on the road!


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