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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Friends From Montana

Sarge and Sarah arrived yesterday afternoon bringing their ATV and their lab—Callie.  They are staying in Congress in what is billed as “the smallest motel in Arizona.”  It’s old but very clean plus the owners are delightful! 

We started their visit off by heading out into the desert on the ATVs then coming back to the motorhome for a great supper of chicken fajitas.  Sometimes the Safeway store in Wickenburg surprises me—I was looking for a gluten free dessert yesterday while grocery shopping and came across this:

It’s not an inexpensive treat but oh, my—is it ever good, I bought three flavors—the sea salt caramel which was outstanding, raspberry and cream, also outstanding, and the double dark chocolate—guess what, it too was outstanding!!

IMG_0817This crested saguaro is near Sunset Point.  Sarge and Sarah allow Callie to get off the ATV and run—and as only labs can do, run, run, run!!  Callie was a tired pooch and took up way more than her share of the floor space--four adults and two dogs in a motorhome without slides is about maximum capacity!  Winking smileIMG_0819

Today the four of us along with our neighbors Karen and Dick who had never been to the Hassayampa River took off on the ATVs again.  Callie got in lots and lots of running today—where does she get the energy!!  We had a great day, it rained last night and the river seemed to have a little more water than when Michael and I were there the other day, plus with the rain the dust on the trails was non-existent. 


IMG_0843Happy Labrador playing in the water! 

IMG_0845Back home we all retired to our respective spots for a little relaxation before meeting at our house for dinner—grilled hamburgers without buns and a huge salad.  Plus we indulged in some more Talenti gelato—YUM! 

Life is good!


  1. Yes... and your post shows us all just how good life can be!

  2. About enough water in the river to bring along fishing poles next time.

  3. I like those shots going through the river.

  4. Good times enhanced by yummy dessert and a little extra water to play in - wonderful!! Callie is definitely living the good life as well :-)

  5. That Talenti Sea Salted Caramel is amazingly silky!! I must say I was disappointed in the texture of the others we tried so I just buy the Sea Salted Caramel:) We were surprised to find it in the grocery store in Borrego Springs!

    That is a gorgeous crested saguaro and I don't believe I saw it on our visit there. Can I get to it with either the Jeep or hiking?? I really need to see this one.

  6. Happy Day, that Talenti gelato is just the best! We were introduced to it 3 years ago.
    Oh, my, it's hard to stay away from. Our Walmart carries it now. A little better price.
    Enjoy your posts so much, thanks!


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