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Saturday, January 3, 2015

What A Feast

Mark and Dortha rolled in to North Ranch a few days ago and tonight they shared their Alaska bounty with our gang—fresh halibut Mark caught while they were up north this summer.  What a feast we had!  Ms. Pat made hushpuppies and cheese grits—I teased her saying we were having a few grits with our cheese but they were out of this world!!!  Dortha made a delicious coleslaw and Ellie contributed oven roasted potatoes plus a lot of steps back and forth to their motorhome for supplies.  Ellie also provided the dishwasher (a wonderful thing for those of us living in motorhomes!)!!  My contribution was a deep dish apple cobbler kind of dessert.  Mark and Dortha have lots of responsibilities for the Escapees organization at the upcoming Escapade in Tucson in March and are heading on down to Quartzsite tomorrow where they will host the huge Escapees happy hour.  photo (19)photo (21)

Yesterday we were RV bums—we took a great morning walk—a little chilly but that just makes you walk faster! SmileNotice the cowboy is hanging out with a conehead—it was cold enough this Montana girl was wearing a wool hat!

DSCN0092Today we left Ms. Emmi home alone for a few hours and headed to Cave Creek, about a hour from here to purchase a trailer.  Most of you will ask, “a trailer???, you all ready have a trailer—a HUGE trailer!!”  Well, some of the ATV rides taken by the group here in the park require you to rendezvous at a location other than this park.  The ride this coming week has a starting point located one hour from here.  We had no way of transporting our ATVs without loading them back into the huge trailer and hooking that trailer to the motorhome—NOT convenient!   The cowboy looked and looked for trailers last year both here and in Montana—it has to be a special trailer, lightweight, single axle and a certain size.  We will pull this trailer behind the jeep.  This trailer will also be used to carry the ATVs behind the big truck and truck slide in camper when we travel around Montana. 

DSCN0099The cowboy took me out to lunch in Cave Creek—that area has grown so much since we were last there in 2009.  I went back and read my blog entries—dinner at Greasewood Flats (which is slated to be demolished this spring) with Arch, Gwen, Steve, Jeane, Roy and Sandy, visiting Jeane and Steve in the gorgeous home they rented for the week, watching reining horses at West World—good times with great friends! 


  1. It will be interesting to see what kind of rig Mike builds to transport that new trailer back to Montana.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful dinner get together, especially the halibut!!!

    It certainly has been cold, hasn't it! I had to put the down comforter on the bed. Brrrr! We need a little heat out west.

  3. Know what you mean about having to dress warm on these cold mornings lately. I see a convoy in your future upon returning to Montana.

  4. Sweet trailer, and perfect for towing behind that short wheel-base! Surely there's someone with a crane at both locations to load and unload it to the top of the box trailer? Easy peasy!! Enjoy the new versatility of taking the toys to even more cool places :-))))

    That sounds like quite the yummy feast!

  5. The logistics of moving all your toys would wear me out. I have trouble handling just hooking up the Bungalow. lol


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