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Monday, January 5, 2015

This One Is For Larry

Our friends Larry and Geri are in Florida—evidently there is a shortage of ATV riding opportunities and Larry is having withdrawal—so I thought I would let him at least see some ATV riding photos! Smile  After lunch we took our ATVs out for our first ride of the season in the desert surrounding North Ranch—state and BLM land. 


IMG_0659The cowboy is adopting Larry’s habits—failing to wait for me when he crosses through a junction—I arrive at the junction, can’t see him or his bright red ATV and have not a clue which way to go.  Guys! Smile

It was a beautiful, sunny, warm day and after our walk this morning Emmi received her Arizona haircut—now it’s time for me to make an appointment for the same—I used a hairdresser in Wickenburg last year and liked her. 


Still no heat but my mechanic is getting closer to finding the solution.  Don’t get me wrong, we do have heat—electric heaters and our blue flame propane heater—just no Hydro-Hot furnace. 

Not much else is very blog worthy around here!


  1. We are sure glad that the heat has returned with our return. It was a good day. We are settled back in our 5th wheel, on the Colorado River in Moabi Regional Park, south of Needles, CA. It felt nice to be outdoors in the high 60's temps.

  2. Sounds like you need to ride faster.:-)

    1. Hey, someone has to stop and take the photos--maybe I should give him the camera!

  3. Ice chest? Gun box? Tool kit? What is that rather large trunk on the cowboy's quad? You're not going slow, you're avoiding the dust in your face! I'm sure you turn off the engine and find him by ear - but that get's old at every crossing. Great to see you out playing - I am so envious!!

  4. Great photo of you and Mike! Sounds like you'll have to just blast through those junctions without stopping to catch up to Mike.


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