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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

ATVing To The River and Sunset

We are enjoying some fantastic weather here in Arizona—perfect weather for an ATV ride after our hike this morning.  I quickly packed a light snack and we were off heading for the river, the Hassayampa River—my trusty navigator, aka the cowboy managed to get us there without getting lost!!  As with most rivers in Arizona, this one has very little running water but is surrounded by stunning scenery—towering cliffs, stately saguaros, colorful rocks—stunning!

DSCN0261Hey, we got the Garmin to work!!!  I could save the route into Base Camp and the Garmin but couldn’t figure out the logistics of saving it to a type file I could insert into this blog—so I just took a photo of the screen!! 

The Garmin we are using is a Montana 650T—maps for this particular Garmin can be purchased from  These state by state maps are advertised as “hunting” maps detailing for hunters land ownership—private or otherwise.  We can turn on the Garmin here in North Ranch and the device will tell us exactly who owns each and every lot.  As we are rolling across the desert the map changes colors as we cross private land and gives us land owner’s name.  BLM, state and USFS land—all have a different color on the screen—just like a Benchmark map.  It could be invaluable when boondocking!  The map SDs for each state are a little pricey and so far we only have Arizona and Montana.  Now if we could just figure out all the buttons! Winking smile




Back home Michael rushed off to the Congress post office to retrieve our mail which had arrived from Montana—took us a while to sort through that box!!  It was kind of strange getting Christmas cards in January but we haven’t gotten the mail since we were in Arkansas for Christmas. 

Sunset this evening took your breath away—gorgeous!



Another good day in the desert!


  1. I agree the sunset was incredible tonight.

  2. I have seen thousands of Arizona sunsets but I do think last night was one of the most beautiful !

  3. You have some great sunset photos there.

  4. Nice quad ride through some great Arizona countryside. We do love the beautiful sunsets here.

  5. Maybe a repeat but .... If I need to capture a screen with Base Camp I use "Ctrl + Print Screen". If you have Picasa running in the background you will see it save in a file "Screen Captures". You can then use Picasa to crop and edit as you need. I use it all the time to make a record of on-line transactions and receipts. There is also a "Snipping Tool" that comes in useful - Mr Google can help with instructions. Hope that's useful.

    Rob Fox

  6. Even when it's a trickle, water is always a fun destination in the desert - that looks like a great ride! Love the pic of you three - and yes the sunset is breath taking :-)


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