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Thursday, January 15, 2015


We started coming to Arizona in January of 2003 falling in love with Tucson—forbidding mountains, forests of saguaros and perfect weather.  Our love affair with Tucson faded a bit when we started discovering the less populated areas of Arizona but we still enjoy a visit now and then.

Our Montana friends Geoff and Nancy along with their daughter Beth and granddaughter Della flew into Tucson about a week ago, renting a beautiful home in the Starr Pass area of west Tucson.  Wednesday morning we hooked the jeep to the motorhome and drove the four hours to Gilbert Ray County Park among the saguaros of Tucson so we could spend some time with our friends.

Gilbert Ray is one of our favorite places to stay in Tucson—remote, quiet, huge sites with electric, lots of hiking and yet it isn’t far to the nearest Costco or Five Guys—all for $20/night!!  The only disadvantage to Gilbert Ray is the one week stay limit.  DSCN0176The view from our side windows—the park is undergoing a re-paving process, thus the wet looking blacktop. 

Last evening we joined our friends at their rented hacienda and had a spectacular evening.  Their labradoodle, Shine came along—he and Emmi have a standoffish relationship. SmileWhile waiting for dinner to cook, Michael and Geoff took advantage of the pool table.  We enjoyed a great dinner, some wine and good conversation.  And of course Della kept us entertained as only a two year old can—she is adorable!

DSCN0189DSCN0146DSCN0148DSCN0168Emmi was sure those toys were for her. 

We slept like logs until that coyote under the motorhome started howling this morning about 6am—we both swear he was that close!!  After breakfast we took off on a hike/mountain climb up Brown Mountain—huffing and puffing—it was a distinct elevation change! 

IMG_0199Geoff and Nancy visited the Desert Museum (we’ve been before) and we headed to of all places Costco with a stop at Five Guys for a burger.  We filled the jeep with $1.82/gallon gas but made up for it with our first stop at a Costco in over a month! 

Back at the motorhome we dodged the re-paving project, unloaded the jeep and played with my new toy—a FoodSaver.  We have a freezer full of hamburger and chicken now—all nicely sealed!

Tonight we joined Nancy, Geoff and gang once again and we provided supper. 

DSCN0158It’s great to meet up with good friends in faraway from home places!

Our Montana friends are heading home on Sunday, tomorrow we are leaving Tucson heading north to visit old friends and meet new ones!


  1. Looks like a neat spot. Love the look of that pool.

  2. So funny to read this post this morning - our parking lot is being paved this week and we woke up to coyotes howling very close by! Unfortunately the similarities end there (well, we do have sunny blue skies and warmer temps), because we are still in the apartment in the city. Nice digs for a southwest vacation. Della is adorable :-) Safe travels as you head north.

  3. Gilbert Ray County Park is a good tip for us. We'll log it for a future stop in Tucson.

    Sounds like a fun time with your Montana friends. And speaking of friends, we look forward to meeting you two soon along with other friends.

  4. We love Gilbert Ray County Park and have stayed there many times. We're heading there in a couple of weeks -- hoping that we won't have trouble getting sites. Seems like it's getting more and more popular!


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