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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Heater Woes and Visiting With Friends

Last night when Michael was beating me at playing cards we could feel the temperature dropping in the motorhome.  I got up to turn on the Hydro-Hot system, flipped the switches—nothing, kaput.  We have two electric heaters going which keep the rig at a decent temperature until the outside temps drop into the 30s which is what it’s been doing every night.  So, the cowboy spent the day trying to trouble shoot our problem.

DSCN0103When we left to have happy hour with friends the heat was still not working. 

I’m still bathing Emmi twice a week in this anti-microbial shampoo—much to her dismay—today was bath day—and as a result, laundry day—bedding and towels.  When we bought the Holiday Rambler 5th wheel it came with a Splendide washer/dryer.  We were shooting at the time and needed more storage/closet space for guns and clothing—Cowboy Action Shooting requires you wear period correct clothing, late 1800s—early 1900s clothing.  So, we removed the washer/dryer and turned that space into a closet for guns and hoop skirts! 

When we bought this coach it also had a combination Splendide washer/dryer.  Over the years we’ve heard people who either love these units or hate them.  I for one LOVE mine!!  I’ve learned how to use it and don’t think I would want a rig without one—I rarely make a trip to the laundromat.

Many years ago when we were lot sitting on a different space here at North Ranch our neighbors Tom and Sally asked us over to have a glass of wine.  They had a beautiful Teton Homes 5th wheel pulled with a semi-truck.  It’s a small world—as we are having this glass of wine they tell us they love to boondock and stayed a week in this small USFS campground outside Big Timber, MT—they reached this campground via a gravel road and there was a mine at the end of the road—they thought the name of the road was the East Boulder!!  We had a big chuckle over the fact they camped only four miles from our home and we were amazed they were able to get their size rig into this small campground.

This is the second or third time we have rented Tom and Sally’s lot since that first meeting.  They also own another undeveloped lot down in the lower section of the park backing to the desert—they’ve been here for a few days boondocking on that lot—tonight we joined them for happy hour.  What a view they have out their rear window—we even had a coyote pay us a visit!  It was good to get caught up with each others travels and good to see them again. 

Talking to Nat today it is cold, cold and they have lots of snow—I guess our 54 degrees today is OK!


  1. I, too, love my Splendide. I do all my wash without having to leave my home. I do believe a lot of people don't take time to understand the best ways to use it. Sure I have to wash more often but when I am sitting right there, who cares.

    Hope you have your heater problem figured out. The nights sure have been cold lately.

  2. hope the heater problem is an easy fix! at least you had the laundry to do to keep you occupied!

  3. I'm sure Mike will figure out that heater problem - just in time for the temps to warm up so you won't need it for a while!

  4. I hope the rig warmed up enough for Ms Emmi to be warm for her bath! I'm happy to hear that you use your washer/dryer and love it. I think I'm going to be very glad we got them in our rig. So fun to find people have crossed our path in the past and then again now. Just confirms how much you have in common :-)

  5. we love our splendide too... and i hate laundromats! last vacation we didnt de-winterize it, but this time we will if we are at a park with water available. I find ours uses about 6 gallons to wash and 5 gallons to rinse. ... (measuring output into a 5 gal bucket) when boondocking i dont think i would want to sacrifice that much water, unless we were near a water source to haul more in our portable bladder and pump.


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