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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year

Michael and I were snoozing a touch before midnight after attending a little New Year’s Eve party in the clubhouse here at North Ranch.  We met up with some of our ATVing buddies from last year and also met some new folks. 


The year 2014 for us was filled with both good and not so good—the loss of our daughter-in-law, LoraLee to lung cancer early in 2014 and my Mom’s horrific accident in July were the major bad in the last year.  We were blessed with the birth of our first great-grandchild in August and took that marvelous trip to southeast Alaska also in August.  The rest of the year was spent traveling, ATVing, staying healthy and enjoying life.  We wish all our friends and family a new year filled with good health, happiness and peace.

And we are also hoping the desert warms back up!  Dang it is cold and there is just something wrong about snow on cactus!!!




We are off to celebrate New Year’s Day with a late lunch at Jim & Ellie’s new home—no furniture equals more room for a crowd! Smile


  1. You are right about snow on cactus just being plain wrong!

  2. Happy New Year to the two of you and Miss Emmi too!

  3. Happy New Year! We don't feel so bad leaving the desert and heading for Christmas at home, here in the Pacific northwest. I see signs that the weather will improve by the time we return to the desert.

  4. Hey...what is that white stuff?? :o} Wishing you a very Happy New Year and all the best!

  5. You must be wondering why you left Montana! You could have stayed home and had cold and snow:) Hopefully, this is the last of the cold and that white stuff. You are correct, there is something wrong with snow on the cactus.

    Happy New Year! Wishing you the best in 2015:)

  6. Great way to spend the new year with Jim and Ellie -- you're off to a great start with those two-- please say hello from Jenny J and Don

  7. Being a desert brat I loved the very few times we got to see snow on cactus - but can appreciate it not having the same appeal to those from the north :-) Glad you were all tucked in at North Ranch with friends to celebrate the new year. You should be warming up quickly this week!!

  8. Snow seems to follow you around. It'll be gone soon for sure as the southwest is warming up this week.

    Happy New Year!


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