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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Shiprock Again

As Sarge and Sarah are heading back to Montana on Thursday, we wanted to give them a good send off.  Tom and Sandy had been out to Shiprock both hiking and ATVing—so Tom was appointed leader!  Fred and Nancy, Joe minus Cathy, and Mike minus Kathy also joined us for some spectacular riding. 

It was a glorious warm and sunny day as we trailered the ATVs out to the Shiprock trailhead about 32 miles from North Ranch.  The riding was tough at times for this not so experienced rider but exciting and thrilling!  It’s hard to see in the below photo but that little drop off into the river was quite steep and we had previously ridden UP that incline!  When I came down I could have sworn I was going to nose plant that ATV right in the river! 


During lunch we saw this sun dog--


After lunch we started up the river to see if we could access the back side of Shiprock and came to this pile of rocks--IMG_0891IMG_0892Sandy and I voted ‘NO” on trying to climb these rocks and for once Winking smile the guys listened to us!  We retreated and went around another way. 

IMG_0858Here comes Joe bringing up the rear!


IMG_0904IMG_0918Fred and Nancy looking for gold I think!

IMG_0866Sarge and SarahIMG_0867


We only scratched the surface of this area today and look forward to much more exploring out there!  Back at North Ranch, driving to our spot whose rig do we see parked on Mike and Pat’s extra lot but Larry and Geri!!  They were to arrive on Sunday but I knew Larry wouldn’t be able to stand it knowing we were having so much fun without him!!Smile

Sarge and Sarah plus Larry and Geri joined us at the Congress Marketplace for dinner—Larry and Geri left earlier than the rest of us—sneaky bums—they paid the tab for all of us—thanks a bunch guys, you are the best!!

I took a ton of photos today, I will sneak more into the blogs over the next few days.


  1. If we could haul more toys, I would love to have a play toy for the desert wilds like you two have. Good fun in some mighty nice countryside.

  2. The desert looks like fun... but... I LOVE seeing the sundog!

  3. What a fun "no-C(K)athys-allowed" trip into a beautiful area. You really can't call yourself inexperienced any longer you know - you're going everywhere the little cadillacs are going and you're doing it with handlebars and footpegs! The pics with the mountains behind the trail are great. I want to be there right now!!

  4. Looks like fun:) Hope they have good seat cushions!

  5. Pretty rugged territory. Smart move I think to not try and drive over those big boulders.


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